Verified animal health recording for you and your clients

VirtualVet actively supports vets and their farmer clients prepare for and meet emerging veterinary medicine regulations. We can also document animal health plans, required under a growing number of animal health & welfare standards. By introducing us to your farmer clients, we can support vets and farmers create real value from planning together!


The benefits we bring to YOU, your practice and your clients

•  FREE GDPR compliant service to the farmer (data controller).

•  Supportive & flexible team to record animal remedy usage and prepare reports on demand, eliminating the need for a separate animal remedy book.

•  We process information via email, phone call or WhatsApp from vet & farmer with unlimited support by phone to you, your practice and your client.

•  We manage online storage of prescriptions in real time or monthly drug register reports, ready for audit – no more printing them off in the office!

•  Antibiotic analysis: Analysis of each type of antibiotic used, so you and the farmer can view & discuss trends during animal health plan meetings.

•  Each animal’s health records are available for the farmer and vet to discuss online at during animal health plan meetings.

•  Compliance ready reports for Bord Bia & DAFM audits & inspections with pre-audit check and follow up.

•  Reminder service to the farmer for seasonal treatments including dosing, vaccination and drying off.

•  Guidance & resources on upcoming rule changes for antibiotic usage from January 2022. 

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Allow us to help you, your practice and your clients.

Call Mags on 087 149 5963 or email her at to see how we can best serve your needs.

Talk to your farm clients about the emerging rule changes, and if they

need more information and support, request permission to send their phone number to us.

Text us their name and number and we’ll take it from there. 


Virtual Vet's World Antimicrobial Awareness Week

VirtualVet’s recent World Antimicrobial Awareness Week digital campaign highlights our commitment to supporting animal agriculture in communicating the real progress being made in antibiotic usage reduction and other issues. Visit our media page to see resources from other contributors.