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VirtualVet’s team has the experience and knowledge of both farming and agri-tech to assist a wide range of industry stakeholders make informed and effective decisions.

A number of potential existential threats to global humanity exist within animal agriculture. As the demand for meat and dairy products rises with global incomes, these threats need to be monitored and managed. At present policy development is hampered by a lack of timely data about animal diseases and the treatments of them. Some of these diseases are zoonotic, in others the treatments are themselves the cause for concern. Monitoring schemes for pharmaceutical use in agriculture are currently paper based and not integrated or logged to databases.  Inventories of drugs used and statistics are based on sales rather than usage and disposals. Many software schemes for recording drug use or animal disease are too slow to keep pace with the treatment process or rely on connectivity to the internet. Similarly the marking of pharmaceutical products do not link seamlessly to databases of treatment and best practice.


Our objective at Animal Disease Tracking Ltd (trading as VirtualVet) is to develop integrated software apps, data acquisition and aggregation systems managed through a control centre with the tools to collect and aggregate data from multiple sources in real time. Our aim is to build digital global and local maps of animal diseases and their treatments so that subscribers can immediately assess the risk of disease in a particular group of animals of food shipment.


The company’s offering includes:

  • consultancy on policy to governments and organisations

  • deliver software & support services direct to veterinarians, farmers and their management solution providers

  • workshop packages to ensure compliance with best practice globally

  • provide dynamic maps of animal disease incorporating trade flows, animal movements, migrating animals and weather models


We believe that VirtualVet and partners will make a major contribution to making the world a safer healthier place for animals and humans.

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The VirtualVet platform helps farmers build a synchronised drug-book, compliance- ready at the drop of a hat. Accessed through the VirtualVet portal, the dynamic and editable drug-book enables farmers and vets using our platform to build a near real-time record of herd health including animal treatments and disease recording.

VirtualVet has built veterinary medicine surveillance software, accessed through a web-portal. We deliver a phone support service to assist farmers to record all on-farm animal treatments. Getting a clearer picture of the exact usage of drugs and an earlier indication of animal disease instances will contribute to reduced risks for farmers, government agencies, food processors and the pharmaceutical companies – not to mention increased public health and food safety!

We offer our services free to farmers, using a data-driven business model and explicit permissions from our farmers as data controllers. Our innovative, inclusive and farmer centered approach to data is in line with Copa Cogeca’s guidelines on the collection of use of agricultural data, with EU Commission’s Digital Economy strategy, and even CAP reform aims focused on simplification of compliance.

Trend Monitoring


We look at the emerging policies and consumer pressures regarding animal health on farmers and industry, and the challenges and frustrations facing technological solutions in this area.

Engaging with us and working with our partners will increase delivery of positive and innovative measures in both the agri-food and animal health industries. VirtualVet consultancy is available for workshop facilitation or strategy design.

January 2022 Rule changes for on-farm antibiotic usage & prescribing

Great work has been carried out by governments, organisations and individuals to prepare farmers and vets for a deadline: January 2022. This deadline will mark the end of some lingering habits around antibiotic usage in animal agriculture. From our discussions and work with farmers, vets and the wider industry, there is a broad acceptance that the rules are tightening.

What can be missing is a clear link to a farmer’s own on-farm animal health practices.  

We have scrambled on to the shoulders of the giants already working in animal health and antibiotic policy to produce our translation of the approaching changes. These flyers are designed to encourage farmers to reflect on actions and considerations they may need to make on their farms. 

Essential to a farmer’s success is their relationship with their vet. The rule changes in January 2022 will impact on the conversations farmers and vets will have. Expectations need to be managed in advance. Some treatments, successful in the past, may not be encouraged as the first intervention from now on. These difficult messages will need an explanation. The flyers can help. 

For the next couple of months, we will share a single change each week. The changes will affect both on-farm usage and veterinary prescribing. The potential impact of these new rules will take time to process as real changes will need to be made to animal health planning and biosecurity measures by farmers and their vets. But the end goal is to keep antibiotics working for humans, and if we’ve learned anything this spring, we’ve learned the importance of our health.

Further information:

For more information on the rule changes and the broader topic of antimicrobial resistance, please check out the videos created by the Department of Agriculture Food and the Marine in Ireland. The video campaign gives great background and information on the topic of antimicrobial resistance and role played by farmers, vets and animals in tackling the issue.



We offer a bespoke consultancy service, delivering actionable strategic direction to your organisation.

VirtualVet wants to work with your organisation to bring you the benefits of our experience and insights.


We are committed to a collaborative approach and engaging with willing and enthusiastic partners along the entire agricultural value chain.


As the agricultural industry moves to apply technological solutions to its understandable but laborious reporting responsibilities, we have identified challenges that can only be solved by a broad and collaborative approach. VirtualVet has identified business models which will ensure fair and inclusive economic benefits for farmers, vets, researchers, industry stakeholders and government agencies.


Contact us today to design an approach that works for you and your organisation.


Creating value in Animal Health Data

VirtualVet is a multi-channel data collection service for the agri-food and animal health industries

Working with partners, we securely gather, analyse and visualise data and information from a range of sources. Our work unlocks the value in the important information farmers and vets capture, selling data on their behalf and ensuring the value is shared directly with farmers and vets.

This is the data driven economy with the power to benefit society

  • Antimicrobial Resistance – our service can provide accurate and near real-time data on medicine usage in food producing animals. According to Lord Jim O’Neil and the AMR Review (below) in December 2015, lack of accurate data is a challenge to addressing antimicrobial resistance.

  • Spread of disease – near real-time knowledge of disease outbreaks will speed up responses. Building accurate and timely data-sets will help researchers develop better ways to deal with disease outbreaks. Vets and farmers can see clearly which areas or conditions may impact on their business.

  • Economic impacts – to be able to clearly demonstrate and contribute to a better understanding of best practices by farmers and vets will reassure consumers that their food is produced to the highest standards possible. Warnings about potential disease outbreaks will inform all members of society to be vigilant and respectful of disease control measures, reducing the risk of massive and costly outbreaks.

Talk to us today about how your organisation can become involved.


One Health

Human health, animal health and ecosystem health rely on each other. Many of the same microbes infect animals and humans, as they share the eco-systems they live in. Efforts by just one sector cannot prevent or eliminate the problem.

We have OneHealth.

Let's protect it


Antimicrobial Resistance

If your farm or organisation is working to address the impacts on agriculture presented by antimicrobial resistance, antibiotic recording and disease surveillance, talk to us. Our experience, research and insights enable us to work with you, share our knowledge and assist in your strategy development.

Get in touch with any questions. VirtualVet is here for you.


Anthelmintic Resistance

Anthelmintics are a particular drug class that are used to treat parasitic worm infections. Strategic use of anthelmintics has been very successful in reducing clinical parasitic diseases and enhancing resource-efficient livestock production. 

Today, the ruminant livestock industry is increasingly confronted with parasitic worms that have become drug resistant. This is called anthelmintic resistance and is a part of the antimicrobial resistance phenomenon. 

Get in touch with any questions. VirtualVet is here for you.

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