Where are the farmers in Agri-Tech?

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

A call to centre farmers in Agri-Tech design!PrecisionDairy Conference Netherlands

There was an impressive array of Agri-tech on show at the Precision Dairy Conference this week. But there were a number of questions about whether or not farmers had been involved in the research & development of the technologies. Tuesday saw an interesting session dedicated to the economic benefits of precision dairy farming technologies. The findings were chilling. The lack of an undeniably clear and positive economic benefit accruing to farmers must be heeded by the industry stakeholders.

On Wednesday we visited the amazing Dairy Campus research farm. A common thread to the feedback was “wonderful stuff, but do they know the milk price?”.

Everything came together Thursday morning. Dr Daniel Berckmans’s keynote address called on the industry to collaborate, on developers and scientists to listen to the farmer in a meaningful and inclusive way.

Dr Berckmans is of course right. Through working together we can develop new business models, creating customers further up the value chain for the large amounts data and information generated by Agri-tech. Such multi-sided business models will enable a reduction in cost to the farmer, increasing adoption, improving performance through reinvestment in research & development of Agri-tech, building the economic case for farmers to invest in Agri-tech….

VirtualVet is excited to be part of the conversation pushing for multi-sided business models along the various agricultural value chains. We aim to firmly centre farmers in Agri-Tech design!

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