#WAAW2020 #Handlewithcare - we're up & running!

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

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A few weeks ago, Mary Newman MVB, CEO of Newman Solutions, (https://twitter.com/NewmanSolution) suggested we do something to

showcase the progress being made in the fight against AMR.

So we reached out to our networks and asked if anyone was interested in describing their progress and plans in a brief video. The response was immediate and positive.

Each day this week we will post fresh content from various projects, partners, vets, friends and relations!

The common theme? Actions work. The goal to keep antibiotics working WHILE supporting farmers and farms is achievable.

Since 2016 VirtualVet has been on-farm, seeing first hand the willingness of farmers and vets to avail of any and all support offered in the battle against AMR. They are ready to meet the challenges presented by the upcoming rule changes around antibiotics from January 2022. While VirtualVet works with great partners in the agri-food industry, we know that more companies need to come on board and actively engage with the veterinary medicine information available in their supply chains.

This week is an opportunity for organisations in the agri-food industry to identify suitable approaches or strategies for their next steps in preparing their supply chains for real changes coming down the tracks in January 2022.

VirtualVet is ready and able to support the implementation of those plans.

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