Sinead Quealy joins advisory board of Project Mooo

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

A few months ago, following our work on AHEAD 2017, I met Param Singh of UDAY Skills. Param and his team are leading an interesting rural development project in Punjab, India, focused on dairy farmers and the importance of sustainable and profitable dairy farmers to a rural economy and community – Project Mooo. Param was looking for a way to help farmers record their cow health and medicine usage, but also to improve the overall information and knowledge flow within the value chain.

Through our discussions and based on some of the experiences in Irish and European dairy farming, it became clear that UDAY and VirtualVet share common interests, goals and challenges. To better benefit each other and ensure knowledge and experiences are shared to the maximum impact of as many as possible, I have joined the Project Mooo advisory board.

In my role I will work to bring the positive experiences from the front line of European dairy farming’s focus on animal health and welfare to help Project Mooo design and deploy solutions for the Indian context. The massive advantage Project Mooo and its partners have at present is the ubiquitous mobile phone. The speed of progress and change will be phenomenal. I am excited and proud to contribute in any small way I can.

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