Today is the day!! Jan 28th!! Are you ready?

EU Regs 2019/6

Finally, the day we have been waiting for has arrived - prescribing rules for veterinarians have become quite a bit tighter, giving vets the opportunity to guide their clients more strongly towards prevention strategies.

The new law requires vets to place HUMAN health ahead of the health of the animal in their care, therefore prescribing antimicrobials, including antibiotics MUST factor in how the prescription and use of their chosen treatment could contribute to antimicrobial resistance.

For farmers, there are positive actions that can be taken to assist their vets make prescribing decisions which will have maximum long-term benefits for your farm system and human health.

Plan your animal health strategies with your vet - vaccination programmes, a space for isolating sick animals, or new arrivals to the farm, a cleaning programme for sheds, equipment and boots! Recognise that some of the antibiotics with zero withdrawal period, are the most important to human health care, so be ready for the impacts.

It's not going to be easy. But the objective is to keep precious antibiotics working for human healthcare. While policy and research are working on ways to encourage the discovery and development of new antibiotics, until that happens, we're relying on, in some cases, an ever shrinking list of treatment options in human and veterinary medicine.

Training courses available

If your organisation wants to learn more about steps you can take to encourage and facilitate farmers and vets have positive outcomes under the new regulations, talk to us about our training courses. We can design one for your internal team or suppliers.

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