Family Farming – In a time of Covid-19, a positive new habit

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Close off a season and move forward – together.

Every year we find spring can take a toll on the family dynamic. By the end of April, everyone is tired. Suddenly, the breeding season kicks off, replacing nights of recording the parentage of this spring’s calves with nights planning the parentage of next spring’s calves. The added discombobulation of no school and a kitchen table with notions that it might be an office, required an intervention of sorts.

Family Farming

So, we had a quarterly review. The farmer was tasked with coming up with a few sentences to describe what had been achieved this spring, what had worked so well it will be used again, what might need to be addressed and to describe the objectives of the next phase of the year. He thanked us for our support during the spring.

It worked like magic. Almost instant calm. Spring was drawn to a close and we moved on together to the next phase of the year. Sounds simplistic? It is. And it works. The power of saying and of hearing the words acknowledging and giving thanks for things that went well and an overview of the next phase made us a team – not just observers. 

A summary was also written into the farm diary. It’s an exercise that will be repeated. Anything that brings calm and helps you assess your progress on your journey in this life is to be welcomed and embraced. 


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