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Updated: Jul 1, 2020

At VirtualVet we’ve been very busy for the last number of months rolling out our multi-channel animal drug usage data collection service to farmers, vets and the wider agri-food & animal health industries.

The level of interest from farmers, vets and animal health suppliers has been immense and heartening. We set out to prove that the data driven economy can be applied to agri-food and animal health industries, with the farmer as the vital first source of value in that new economy. We have helped farmers create a new asset; their animal health data. Our multi-channel data collection service enables farmers to leave us a voice mail, use email, text of our Android app to send us their on-farm animal remedy information, including antibiotic usage.  Once we receive the message, we record the animal treatment in a format which meets the reporting needs of farmers and the wider agri-food industry.

This free service to farmers removes the stress of medicines compliance paperwork, presents them with useful and accurate records for their decision making on-farm, and sends back outcome information to their vets when required.

But we also collect business intelligence for the pharmaceutical industry. Talk to us today to find out how we can help you fill in the gaps in animal drug usage information. Below we list the information we collect and have available for purchase by appropriate actors in the agri-food and animal health industries. As the information comes to us from the farmer and is a record of the purchasing and usage decisions on that farm, companies can buy and analyse the performance of their competitors’ drugs and treatments. With our methods of anonymising the animal ID, we enable companies to explore and query efficacy or treatment decisions to benefit both their own product development and messaging, but also the value of money for vets and farmers.

VirtualVet’s usage data fills the acknowledged gaps in animal antibiotic use and will contribute to work of researchers, government agencies, investors and others as they attempt to tackle antimicrobial resistance. We record to the animal ID, therefore allowing competent authorities to stand over, in near real-time, their animal health surveillance processes.  Through collecting the reason an animal was treated, for example, with an antibiotic, we are building a picture of human nature and behaviour so interesting to vets and veterinary researchers.

Our team here will continue to record on-farm animal drug usage in near real-time and innovative organisations along the agri-food and animal health industries will continue to support and work with us.

The data driven economy is taking off and we are very excited to be a part of it.

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