Alert: Alamycin LA and Betamox LA withdrawal period change

This week the Irish Farmers Journal reported on the announcement from Norbrook laboratories that they were making changes to withdrawal dates on two commonly used antibiotics for animals, Betamox (Amoxicillin) LA 150mg/ml suspension for injection and Alamycin LA 200mg/ml solution for injection.

Betamox (Amoxicillin) LA 150mg/ml withdrawal dates have changed for all animal use. The withdrawal dates have doubled for cattle and sheep whilst pig’s withdrawal date has trebled.

Alamycin LA 200mg/ml solution for injection has been reformulated and this change has led to an extension of the withdrawal period for cattle, pigs and sheep.

VirtualVet and others are working to spread word of these antibiotic changes throughout the agri-food industry, by direct communications with our farmer clients and by our support services which we offer to our agri-food customers.

It is vitally important for both farmers and vets to read product labelling regularly to make themselves aware of any changes from regulators or manufactures of the product. Agri-food processors should be aware of these changes, supporting their suppliers in monitoring veterinary medicine usage in food producing animals.

Pharmaceutical companies have a responsibility to loudly, clearly and directly communicate with and advise of changes to their end user – farmers & vets.

VirtualVet works with agri-food processors to support them and their suppliers by actively providing information to enable a better understanding of veterinary medicine usage within their supply chains.

In January 2022, rules and regulations around antibiotic usage are set to tighten. It is vital for agri-food processors to assess the risk and avoid disruption to their supply by highlighting the benefits of on-farm information collection and engagement.

Contact VirtualVet on 087 1495963 or to see how we can help your organisation get ready for rule changes!

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