AHEAD 2017, Digital Transformation Of Animal Health Data

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

AHEAD 2017 workshop is sponsored by OECD’s Co-operative Research Programme on Biological Resource Management for Sustainable Agricultural Systems

On March 1st and 2nd VirtualVet and Epi-Connect hosted AHEAD 2017, a workshop to discuss the digital transformation opportunities in animal health, animal disease and animal drug usage. We intend to create a road-map with and for interested actors along the animal health value chain. This complex value chain starts, first and foremost with farmers. VirtualVet and Epi-Connect are adamant that farmers and the wider agri-food value chain, have yet to fully realise the true value or potential of on-farm, near real-time data, information and knowledge capture. The discussions during AHEAD 2017 are informing business models to drive a digital transformation in animal health data.

For a great review of the two day workshop, please visit Flavie’s blog, Epi-Connect .

We are thrilled and proud that Dr Flavie Tedder has secured the opportunity to publish the proceedings of AHEAD 2017 through FrontiersIn.org.

Please download our workshop ebook which gives an overview of the issues and opportunities our workshop discussed. For further information on OECD support, visit the OECD conference listing for 2017.

VirtualVet & Epi-Connect teams.

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