Toby MottramProf Toby Mottram, Founder and Chief Engineer, eCow Devon Ltd, Co-Founder of VirtualVet.

Toby is the founder of eCow and a prominent figure in the UK agricultural engineering sector holding the position of Douglas Bomford Trust Professor of Farm Mechanisation at the Royal Agricultural University, Cirencester, where he teaches wireless sensor data capture and analysis in farm situations. During his career he has co-invented robotic milking, developed cow breath sampling, in-line milk progesterone analysis and in 2003 the rumen telemetry bolus. He has over 50 refereed publications and 20 patents. After Silsoe Research Institute closed in 2005 he continued development of the pH bolus eventually producing a commercially viable product which he has sold worldwide through eCow since 2011. The eCow eBolus provides continuous accurate data from within a cow’s rumen to aid farmers and researchers improve dairy cow management. In 2015 he was appointed BBSRC/Royal Society of Edinburgh Enterprise Fellow charged to develop a new business that will revolutionise dairy cow fertility. Since 2014 he has begun to develop ideas to integrate and digitise farm animal health data from multiple sources.



Sinead QuealySinead Quealy, Co-Founder and Managing Director of VirtualVet.

Sinead has over eight years of experience in managing software development projects, often with partners across the EU. From a farming background, she lives on a busy beef & dairy farm in Waterford, Ireland. Both roles have given her valuable insights in to how technology can be best deployed to meet the needs of all stakeholders in the agricultural industry, from farmers, through to vets, consumers, government agencies and industry suppliers. Sinead has a keen interest in strategy development, a PG-dip in Adult Education from University of Limerick and MBA from Waterford Institute of Technology.