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Antimicrobial Recording

Explore our site and learn how VirtualVet can work with your organisation to address the challenges presented by antimicrobial resistance and animal disease monitoring. In our News & Analysis section we describe the growing urgency surrounding antimicrobial resistance. We look at the emerging policy and consumer pressures on agriculture to address their reputation for overuse of antibiotics in food producing animals, and we look at the challenges and frustrations facing technological solutions in this area.

VirtualVet’s platform includes an Android and iOS app for farmers & vets, synchronised to a dynamic web portal which builds a complete drug-book for farmers, as required for food quality compliance regulations in the EU.

If your organisation is working to address the impacts on agriculture presented by antimicrobial resistance, antibiotic recording and disease surveillance, talk to us. Our experience, research and insights enable us to work with your organisation to share our knowledge and assist in your strategy development. Engaging with us and working with our partners will increase delivery of positive and innovative measures in our food producing industry. VirtualVet consultancy is available for reporting, workshop facilitation or strategy design.